For some reason unbeknownst to me, the strange man who sells sheds next to Benjamin’s also apparently works at Benjamin’s. I don’t know that he gets paid, or was ever even hired, but he walks in and does a few dishes, tells a vulgar joke or two, takes a bag of ice, and then leaves. I get the impression that everyone there just kinda lets him come and go as he pleases rather than risk a confrontation with him that could send him into a confused and violent frenzy. He has been known to fix a door here and there, and I believe he talked to the crew who extended the deck the entire time they worked, though he never once raised a hammer. He traps animals that wonder too close to the restaurant and I would assume that is what he eats. When not serving as Chief of Staff of The USA (United Sheds of America), word has it that he can be found reading Sartre and Kafka to his pigs.

Key team members

Benjamin McGehee, Owner


Kim Criswell

Brian King

Jackie McGehee


Old Shed Guy

Mama Sue

John Michael McGehee

Sam McGehee