Though known to most as the front-of-the-house manager, what Kim is most well known for is being the oldest employee of Benjamin’s. I don’t mean in age, but in that she has been there longer than anyone, including Benjamin. In fact, before the restaurant even existed Kim was busy making to-do lists and watering plants (despite the fact that most of those plants were nothing more than weeds left from the building’s previous owners). Kim is originally from Germany, and anyone who has worked with her for more than a few years can attest that she epitomizes the very best of the strong, infallible German mind-set of the mid 20th century. While she claims to be a vegetarian, anyone in the kitchen will tell you that her favorite food is a well-done rib eye topped with delicately seasoned goose liver, also known as foiegras. Kim says that her greatest memories of Benjamin’s are the, as she calls them, “Good ol’ days”. What she means by that, we can only guess.

Key team members

Benjamin McGehee, Owner


Kim Criswell

Brian King

Jackie McGehee


Old Shed Guy

Mama Sue

John Michael McGehee

Sam McGehee