The youngest and most handsome of the McGehee brothers, Young Guns as we call him, has been a bit of a mystery to the family at Benjamin’s. Originally, it seemed as if a kitchen were the absolute last place on Earth he wanted to be. His young, curious mind often wondered and was on other things as steaks burned behind him, french fries went from golden to black, and salads were left undone to the dismay of the perpetually impatient and rude waitstaff. Yet some time during the end of his high-school career (a career marred by frequent absences, poor grades, and too many altercations with teachers to even try to estimate) it seemed as if the young child became a young man and began down the path of becoming a respectable cook. Despite his obsessive compulsive clanking of tongs and such, he has certainly come a long way since he first began at Benjamin’s. Granted, he was only 7 when he started. J to tha M, or Jungle Monkey as Kim affectionately calls him, hopes to one day travel the world, learning cooking secrets of the great chefs all around the globe. However, he says he has no plans of EVER visiting South America, Asia, Europe, or “any of them other places that ain’t America-like” as he puts it. His favorite food is sponge-cake. He says when he turns 21, he plans to make Milwaukee’s Best the first beer he ever tries, and he anticipates liking it.

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