Jackie is one of the few people who have been at Benjamin's since the beginning. She would have left us years ago but her marital obligations keep her coming back. Jackie was born to an aristocratic family in New York City and only came to the Forest area to visit a great uncle who was dying and planning on leaving her millions in his will. She went out one night while in town and met Benjamin McGehee at a Dairy Queen where they shared an ice cream cone. The rest is history. She is now the proud mother of two wild children and married to Benjamin. They plan to retire as soon as the children are old enough to feed themselves and run away to Barbados and come back every now and then to check on the restaurant. Jackie's favorite food, oddly enough, is Spam, though she does also really love bacon.

Key team members

Benjamin McGehee, Owner


Kim Criswell

Brian King

Jackie McGehee


Old Shed Guy

Mama Sue

John Michael McGehee

Sam McGehee