Few people know that Brian's real last name is not 'King'.  It's 'Manningulosovich.  The thing is, he is actually a real king!  He once sat upon the throne of the Kingdom of Romania, where he ruled with an iron fist... literally.  He lost his left hand in a terrible badger attack on the outskirts of Braksilvania, a small otter-farming community in the southern part of Romania.  Being the king, he insisted upon a prosthetic fist made of iron.  It is quite a sight to behold.  Brian was, however, forcibly removed from power by a roving band of gypsies from neighboring Bulgaria who opposed his harsh methods of rule.  In particular, they were upset with Brian's passing of legislation that forced all new born baby boys to be named Tim Tebow, after his favorite American football player.  Brian escaped to beautiful Forest, VA where the kitchen staff of Benjamin's was happy to hire him and work with a real king!  His favorite foods include things so horrible to most Americans that I will not mention them.  He loves American football and his favorite team is the Denver Broncos because it reminds him of the horses he used to own and ride and pillage with back in his home country.

Key team members

Benjamin McGehee, Owner


Kim Criswell

Brian King

Jackie McGehee


Old Shed Guy

Mama Sue

John Michael McGehee

Sam McGehee