One of the original members of Benjamin's, Barry has done just about every job there is in the kitchen.  He began working with us at the young age of 12 due to a loophole in child labor laws.  His then small size and gullibility made it easy for him to crawl under the kitchen equipment and clean beneath the grill, deep-fryer, and other places adult human beings cannot fit.  Barry is originally from South Central Los Angeles but moved to Forest under the witness protection program.  Wait, maybe I shouldn't have said that.  I guess I could just delete it but, whatever.  Barry, now a grown man, loves drag racing and writing poetry in his spare time.  He also has two children who call him "Big Papa Bear" because he snores so loud at nights it wakes them up.  His favorite foods include meat and gravy and he is currently in training to try out for the Los Alamos Bandits, a semi-pro football team.  He hopes to be the punter.  Barry is perhaps the most loved member of Benjamin's.  Well, a close second behind Shane.

Key team members

Benjamin McGehee, Owner


Kim Criswell

Brian King

Jackie McGehee


Old Shed Guy

Mama Sue

John Michael McGehee

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