Although the land itself dates back to the Radford Family from the 1800's, the structure that now houses Benjamin's Great Cows and Crabs has stood the test of time as well. Its original conception was in 1932, constructed and owned by a gentleman named Mr. Porter. In it's time, it served the community as a filling station. It was known as Porter's Place and became a gathering place for locals.

In 1950, Jesse Reynolds and his wife Ann took over as owners of Porter's Place and in doing so, the establishment was now known as Reynolds Place. Although throughout the community it was and will always be remembered simply as Jesse's. After deciding to retire after 43 years of running Reynolds's Place, the establishment took on a new owner and new look.

In 1992, the doors opened as Bear Creek Tavern. The owner renovated the inside of the building to house a full scale restaurant which would also become a staple of the Bedford community in its time. With the new renovations, the establishment turned into a place where the dining experience that was both friendly and casual, with the feel of family and wonderful food.

After a successful run, the doors of Bear Creek Tavern closed which made way for Benjamin McGehee to open his first fine dining restaurant that would bear his name. In taking over the building, there were months of preparation that needed to be done. Benjamin made sure that during the renovations, he kept pieces of the building that could tell a story, that had history. Legend has it that as the wooden bar was being assembled, someone placed monies throughout its structure. It was also imperative to keep the real tree supports in the middle of the restaurant. These are things that can not be replaced or lost and keeps the history of the building alive throughout its years.

Benjamin, his family and friends put in many hours of work to bring the establishment to what it is today. The restaurant has a close family feel, in a rustic and casual environment. It is a place where you will have a fine dining experience but leave you feeling as if you have just eaten with close friends.

It is our hope that we are as successful and have the longevity of our predecessors. It is to the credit of the community and patrons, that these places have been so greatly appreciated and loved. We hope to make that same mark in the history of this wonderful building.